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More About Storitz

We’re not another lead-gen marketing engine that pushes phone numbers, names and emails to your call center and store managers then lets YOU close them.   Storitz leverages technology to offer storage owners a unique platform that allows self-storage consumers to find and rent your available units entirely online from sites and locations where you can’t normally or easily gain access.  That's the Storitz difference.

To provide accurate pricing and availability, we partner with self-storage management software companies like Quikstor, Domico and Yardi-Centershift to provide seamless online move-ins.

Storitz leaders cut our teeth owning and operating self-storage facilities across the country. We remember the days of yellow pages and coupons, we know lien laws and late fees, and we remember what it’s like to close a lead in person.   Today we’ve moved on from owning facilities and now we’re laser-focused on bringing useful technology to the self-storage industry.  We’ve Teamed-up our from-the-trenches experience with proven, sophisticated technology developers to create Storitz. Click.Rent.Done